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We Provide Hardwood Floor Repairs in the Beverly, MA area. Call today for an estimate 978.304.3124.

Bucci Hardwood Flooring is a local hardwood flooring repair contractor that can repair and re-finish your hardwood floors. We have been installing and repairing hardwood floors in homes throughout North Shore Massachusetts since 1990.

Many new homes that come with hardwood flooring only have a thin coat of finish on them. This makes them less durable and prone to fading, scuffs, and damage that can go through to the wood. Once that happens water and moisture can get in and cause serious harm. Bucci Hardwood Flooring offers professional hardwood floor repair in Beverly Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

Are your wood floors looking dull? Is the color fading in areas where the sun hits it, and it now has an inconsistent look? Depending on the manufacturer, your hardwood floors may not have a layer of UV protection on them. This allows the finish and wood to fade.

At Bucci Hardwood Flooring we can sand, stain, and refinish your hardwood flooring to get it looking like new. When necessary, we can also replace boards and rebuild damaged areas. If you have had water damage that has ruined an area of your wood flooring we get it level, smooth, and uniform in color again.


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