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Hardwood Floor Sanding Rowley MA

Hardwood Floor Sanding Rowley MA

If you search for hardwood floor sanding Rowley MA you will find Bucci Hardwood Flooring a local hardwood floor refinishing contractor with decades of experience.

Bucci Hardwood Flooring Provides Affordable Hardwood Floor Sanding, Staining and Finishing Services in Greater Rowley MA.

Bucci Hardwood Flooring specializes in installing, sanding, staining, finishing and repairing hardwood floors in homes throughout North Shore Massachusetts since 1990. We are a family owned and operated hardwood flooring company and we provide repair & replacement services for damaged floors, affected by water damage, crayon marks, paint, termites, pet-stains, or have rotten floor planks.

Using the most up to date equipment available, we offer services such as sanding and refinishing from our highly experienced craftsmen. Our 8" and 12" drum, European belt sanders, edging and buffing machines are all dynamically balanced and support upgraded vacuum systems. These machines assure meticulous preparation of your wood floor while also maintaining the bare minimum of dust reaching the work and surrounding areas. All of our employees are highly trained in the art of refinishing floors, guaranteeing a seamless and quality job for you to admire for a lifetime.

All of our wood floor finish coatings are Commercial Grade.

Wood stains are custom blended to virtually any color desired. Top coatings are available in sparkling high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and also flat sheens. Choose from oil based or environment friendly acrylic water base polyurethanes. Tung oil and wax finishes are also available.

Polyurethane Finish:

Polyurethane application is the final step in the wood floor refinishing process. Polyurethane is the top coating that protects your wood floor. It is available in three different sheens: satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

Polyurethane is typically applied in three consecutive coatings. The polyurethane needs to dry thoroughly between coatings; usually overnight, longer time is needed if there is high humidity or other conditions which slow the drying process.

At Bucci Hardwood Flooring we sand the floors ending with a 150 grit screen. Our finishes take 8-10 hours to dry. The longer drying time allows a bond to form between the wood and polyurethane. We go the extra step to ensure a quality job.

Oil-based Polyurethane:

Oil base polyurethanes are the most frequently used products due to the durability of the finish and cost effectiveness. The oil based product also has a natural honey blonde tone which yellows over time. The product requires a long, 8-10 hr or more dry time and has an odor when drying.

Water-based Polyurethane:

Water based polyurethane is chosen by some customers. This product is more expensive than the oil based product and less durable. The water based polyurethane however has a less yellowing effect, dries quicker and has fewer odors.

At Bucci Hardwood Flooring we can sand, stain, and refinish your hardwood flooring to get it looking like new. When necessary, we can also replace boards and rebuild damaged areas. If you have had water damage that has ruined an area of your wood flooring we get it level, smooth, and uniform in color again.

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